Prebet Aiud

The factory’s modern technology ensures a various range of products.

The technology that S.C. Prebet uses is the type CONVAIER. Due to automation and mechanization phase production, S.C. Prebet has acquired a resilient approach in producing any type of sleepers. As an absolute novelty, Prebet offers to his clients single casting rail made of prestressed block to be used for high-speed railway. The great range of new products can be ordered directly from departments run by highly trained specialists.

Furthermore, Prebet’s merits consist in high quality products and on-time deliveries, attributes that should be elementary for every business partner. Obviously, Prebet’s leadership reckons that every beneficiary must be satisfied, which is the key to this exceptional industrial unit’s success. Owning a considerable capital and manufacturing such a variety of products, S.C. Prebet is rated the broadest producer of its kind.