History – Prebet Aiud

Aiud has documents attesting the existence of a railway related activity since 1904, the actual factory being constructed on the site of a wooden-sleeper factory.

Between 1904 and 1950 the factory has had no relevant alteration regarding production capacity improvement. Being an industrial unit, as part of The Railroad and Transport Department within Ministry of Railway between 1950-1951, the factory took over, besides impregnating wooden-sleeper, the impregnating telecommunication and telegraphy poles and the impregnating power-line poles for rural electrification and long-distance electric power in 1951.

In 1996 The Impregnated Rail Factory Aiud becomes The Concrete Prefabricated Factory. This name alteration is due to increased railway-sleepers demands and to the impossibility to meet these requests by using hardwood material.
In 1968 the old factory increases the production capacity. Later on, in 1973 it acquires and starts using equipment and technological lines for manufacturing the concrete railway-sleepers, prestressed prefabs (roof girder and footbridge) and links for construction structures.

At present, the factory fabricates yearly up to 126.400stere of prefabs, covering the sleepers necessary for railway substructures in the following counties: Cluj, Timis, Brasov, Iasi and a part of Galati, as well as structure elements for communication ways construction within The Highway National Administration and The Bridges and Roads District Administration.

Throughout its entire existence S.C.Prebet has been constantly part of the Ministry of the Transport, from 1972 being subordinated to Railroad Transport Department by way of The Railway Constructions Head Office Bucharest Prebet was formed under the Law 31/1990 regarding merchant company establishing. The main objective is producing and commercializing prestressed ferro-concrete sleepers for standard gauge railway and ferro-concrete prefabs for construction structures, having as constitutive act H.G. 93/4 February 1991 regarding the establish of joint-stock companies for domains like structure assembling, industry and logistics.

Presently, and in accordance with Law 15/1990, Law 31/1990 and H.G. 93/1991, S.C. Prebet functions as corporate body, certified and matriculated at the Trade Register Office Alba County,Nr.J01/121/1991.The company has fiscal registration at The Public Finance and Financial Supervising State Office- Alba by way of Financial Administration of Aiud, Nr. 13/36/1991 and R 1763841 as fiscal code.

S.C.Prebet is situated in Aiud, Arenei Street, Nr 10, Alba County, with cadastral booking CF 8953, Nr topographic 1769/4/2 and 1769/4/1, a total surface area of 151,113ms and with S.C.Prebet S.A. as sole owner.
At the moment of the study the company has been functioning as Romanian corporate body with private funds.

Shareholder structure
Info provided by: DEPOZITARUL CENTRAL Date: 31.12.2021

Pers.Juridice 11.825.354 25,9595 %
Pers.Fizice 8.454.581 18,5599 %
ANODIN ASSETS S.A. loc. CLUJ NAPOCA jud. CLUJ 5.392.800 11,8385 %
AUSEL IMOBILIARE S.R.L loc. CLUJ-NAPOCA jud. CLUJ 4.940.114 10,8448 %
TOTAL 45.553.043 100 %

Capital of the company now is 8199547,74 RON
Number of shares: 45553043 nominative
Nominal value / share: 0.1800 RON