Analysis and testing building


The laboratory operates under reference standard SR EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 / AC: 2007 and is authorized by ALBA INSPECTORATE OF CONSTRUCTION, respectively ROMANIAN RAILWAY AUTHORITY.

We have qualified and experienced personnel in the field of all authorized profiles. Tests on materials and products are performed daily in our company, fact proven by the quality of the products offered by our company. The laboratory instruments used for measuring and testing are checked metrologically, providing guaranteed results.

Based on the results of the tests we issue the Test Reports necessary to complete the Declaration of Performance / Declaration of Conformity of a material or product.

Nr.ProfileName of test
1AR (reinforcing the strength of the OB wire or welded mesh) Tensile testing
Bend test
2BBABP (reinforced and prestressed concrete)Consistency: compaction method: Tests for Fresh Concrete
Entrapped air: Tests for Fresh Concrete
Density of fresh concrete
Compressive strength tests for hardened concrete
3LINJA (Works for injection) Determination of mixture injection
Determining the composition of the mixture injection
Determination of free flow of the mixture injection
Determination of the sedimentation of the injection mixture
Determination of resistance to compression of the mixture injection
4MBM (materials for concrete and mortar) Coarse aggregate shape
Granularity sorts - Tests for natural aggregates of river
Sorts - Tests for natural aggregates of river
Parts levigable - Tests for natural aggregates of river
Stability of cement
Humidity - tests for aggregates of river
Humus content
5ZP - Masonry and walls Density determination. Concrete blocks testing
Resistance determination. Concrete blocks testing